New Series begins: Yogis merge with Pachamama in Costa Rica – Vida Asana

Another awesome guest post, by current Vida Asana inhabitant Orly Faya.  Orly is a wonderful artist, who we are blessed to have visiting us for as long as we can kidnap her.  Please take time to read about this fantastic project she is working on, that features Vida Asana and many of our favorite yogis.  I’ve only pasted an opening snippet here, and encourage you to read the whole story, in context at Orly’s site , which is generally a place to visit anyway.

After an enriching three months painting and creating in the United States, I flew away the day my Esta Visa Waiver ended (thanks to pure synchronicity and no means due to my sense of organisation…)
Into new lands and unexplored cultures, I arrived in Costa Rica one week ago. I was generously hosted by a wonderful artist by the name of Rodrigo Piedra in his stunning glassed wall house. He helped me buy a little van to get around the country and showed me his wonderful warehouse workshop where he makes humongous butterflies amongst other incredible things. The time spent in San Jose also clarified that I am entirely done with the city worlds, except on the occasions of necessity. There is nothing appealing to me about concrete jungles and anonymous souls. I want to breathe her in and know the essence of who you are… Finally all was ready for me to step into a new world of creation: Painting the Yogis into Costa Rica.

Truth be told, I was very nervous to be driving my new/old, cute-but-rickity minivan. Having rented new and luxurious cars throughout my time in the States, and not having driven a manual for at least 10- years, arriving safely was met with much gratitude! And so it was that yesterday afternoon I reached my first destination, geographically close to Playa Hermosa near the city of Jaco, the first of many beautiful yoga resorts to be visited during my stay in Costa Rica, VidaAsana – Blessings showered me once again!

Not only is VidaAsana incredibly beautiful, tranquil, welcoming and fully equipped, It is being run by the sweetest family, Sean, Jess and 9month old baby Julep (JuJu) McDonald. The McDonalds have recently relocated to Costa Rica to live a dream life running this gorgeous space and it is of full credit to them that VidaAsana is sparkling with care, teeming with natural life, and open to all aspects of creativity – including me and my visions. I have a lovely clean room, with a sweet window that looks out to the jungle, a kitchenette and ensuite bathroom. The walls are white and blank for now but might be touched by my brush before I leave. It is, quite frankly, perfect. Mornings are met with fresh coffee next to the communal kitchen space, and one of the most wonderful yoga sessions that I have ever had with a master Yogi by the name of Laura.

As with all the resorts that I will be visiting, I intend to create a number of artwork with the local yogis, that take mimetic pachamama body painting to a whole new level. Incorporating asana poses and deep meditation will allow for a deeper resonance, both experientially and observationally, in merging humanity and planet earth. It is a collaborative challenge, an experience that neither the yogis, nor myself have ever embarked upon…

Now off to for the rest.