“Felt at home in paradise” – March 10th 2014

“A piece of my heart will always be at Vida Asana! Thank you to the amazing staff who
helped us have the experience of a lifetime… Sean and Alex were amazing at organizing the whole retreat.” – K&T TripAdvisor Review

“Absolutely the best vacation ever.” – March 2014

Returning home feeling completely rested. Not a day goes by when my mind returns to Vida Asana. I can’t wait to go back. – SLF Facebook Reviewer

“Simple luxury, its own little oasis! Beautiful.” – August 13, 2014

I LOVED Vida Asana. It would be hard to choose any other place if I go back to Playa Hermosa. I went there for a solitary yoga and surf retreat and it delivered everything and more. The place is what I called simple luxury because there’s so much detail into the craftsmanship of the property. My room was cute, comfortably spacious. – IC TripAdvisor

“Yoga Retreat with Tymi Howard and Steve Ross!” – April 10, 2014

“We could not have chosen a better place than Vida Asana! Their hospitality was the best. Anything we needed they made it happen. They are down to earth, easy going and worked around the clock to accommodate us. The meals were healthy, fresh and plentiful! Lots of laughter, hugs and real people! Thank you Sean, Jenny, Todd and Mario”! – VW TripAdvisor