Carmel Calcagno


Carmel began her practice in 1989 after a book fell on her head, she read the book and signed up for her first yoga class. She continued to study and practice for the next 7 years and taught her first yoga class in 1996. She has studied with many amazing teachers
throughout the states and is grateful every day to each one of them, in 1999 she was introduced to John Friend, the creator of Anusara Yoga, and she followed him for over 13years. Carmel was certified by John on top of a mountain in Utah in 2003. She is a member of the Anusara Community of teachers and taught in California at their 2016 gathering.
She has also studied Meditation and Tantric Philosophy with Paul Mueller-Ortega

Events with Carmel Calcagno

Anusara Advanced Teacher Training
March 10, 2019

Anusara Advanced Teacher Training with Carmel Calcagno Carmel is a Certified Anusara Instructor since 2003 Who is this training for? If you are reading this It could be you. What are you looking for to enhance the skills you already have? Confidence? Knowledge? Understanding? How to have more fun? Are you looking for new ideas? Do you ache for more? You will be introduced to theā€¦ Universal Principles of Alignment, Ethical precepts and studentship The Art and Skill of Teaching Yoga Teaching with a theme Cultivating heart-oriented language Teaching with technical precision Individualized mentoring and facilitation with supportive feedback Art…