I could not be more thankful than I am this year.  Thankful to God for my beautiful daughter, who awakened my heart.  Thankful for my loving wife, who prepared my heart to be awakened.  Thankful for my Aunt Tami, my lifelong anchor.  Thankful for the greater Vida Asana family and the love, support, and acceptance we’ve received since arriving here last year.  Thankful for the limitless love everyone has showered on our daughter.  It has been an incredible trip from Jess and I living in a luxury condominium, in perhaps the trendiest neighborhood in New York, to living the Pura Vida life in Costa Rica.

It has been an incredible year, and 2015 will be even better.  Thank you for being part of our family.

Sean, Jess, and the incomparable “Baby Juju”