Vida Asana Eco-Retreat and Yoga Center is located just 90 minutes from San Jose Airport (SJO), in beautiful Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica. We specialize in Yoga Retreats, Surf Camps, and Mountain Bike Adventures, in a tropical setting between the rainforest and the ocean. Vida Asana is a place to find your true self.
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 Another day in paradise. #vidaasanaaa #puravida #yogacamp #yoga #namaste #nature #jungle #wanderlust #hammocklife #hermosa
 Thank you to all of our wonderful guests. #grateful #vidaasana #costarica
 For more than thirty years, I've known that I can knock on the door at 531 W 2nd. Street, and find a loving welcome, great conversation, a warm meal, and a safe place to hide from the big bad world on the other side of the door. Words cannot describe how much Mr. and Mrs. Covelens have meant to me, since Sean brought me home after school one day. I soon found out I was but one of a large band of misfits that Sean and Patrick had befriended, and that The Covelens cared about each and every one of us equally, regardless of our personal demons and defects. I can't even remember all of the names of the kids that were wrestling, or watching skateboard videos in the living room, while Mr. and Mrs. C watched on from the relative safety of their seating. Mrs. Covelens in the lounger right inside the door, and Mr. Covelens right across from her. I'm sure I can remember hundreds of afternoons or evening spent this way. I can also remember countless nights when it was just me and Mr. and Mrs. Covelens, when their own kids weren't even there. At the time I was too young or too selfish to realize I was screwing them out a rare night of privacy and peace. I am so grateful to both of them for sharing so much of their time and hearts with me for so many years. The thing I will always remember most about Mr. Covelens, is that whenever all of the other dads at the campground or beach were off having beers, or whatever it is they were doing, Mr. Covelens was with us kids. Teaching us how to do whatever we needed to be taught. He always had time for us, it was always about us. What made him happiest was to be there for those around him. When I realized this I felt like I mattered for the first time in my life, because I knew I wanted to be the same way one day. He made me want to be a good man. He taught me that love is not divided it is multiplied, in the same way he taught me how to string and tune a guitar, by doing it. My heart goes out to Mrs. Covelens, Jim, Sean, Pat, their spouses and all of Mr. Covelens Grandkids. My hurt can't even begin to imagine theirs. The world is short one great husband, father, grandfather, mentor and friend. I love you Slick,
 Our crack security team patrolling the perimeter. #vidaasana #puravida #tropics #wanderlust #wow #blessed #yogacamp #dancecamp #hermosa #hammocklife #costarica
 Awesome dinner last night courtesy of Cafe Namaste in Jaco. #namaste #namastejaco #puravida #vidaasana